Why Bernie’s Team

Bernies Team is a high-growth company focused on our clients and our teammates. We believe unquestionably in the following:


- WIN Treat Employees as No. 1.

- WIN-Employee will treat the client as No.1

- WIN-The Company will become No. 1.


As the business sectors become more competitive and the more established companies become more complacent, accepting the overhead they support as necessary; BT will begin and remain a cut above the rest because of our experienced, hard-working and friendly Teammates. Our Members meet and exceed our client’s expectations every day. Our commitment will result in a Win-Win-Win situation for all.


BT Teammates are motivated experienced and highly trained consultants and professional personnel who have the unique skills and expertise to help our clients meet their business goals in a cost effective manner. It is our goal to hire only the best qualified people for employment opportunities available whether locally, nationally or globally.


         I would be a part of Bernie’s Team except I’m dead!






BT candidates are based on their skill set, professional experience and “fit” for the assignment. This evaluation includes a review of educational background, work history, work ethics, personal and communication styles, interpersonal skills and the ability to work independently or as part of a team, depending upon the assignment. Our Players hit the ground running, complete the task and look for the next assignment. We at the BT are looking for our players next assingment the first day they start on a new site.