The “A Team”

 Bernies Team is creating what we describe as “A Teams”. In this section you will see a sampling of some of the best credentialed, by experience, personnel in the USA. Not all of our members are located here because some are camera shy. But every person we place on our “Team” goes through a rigorous review before we send them to the Client. They are called the “A Team” because they are unique to the needs of the Client.

Bernies Team is not a Billet filler

During Startup days it was noticed by our “Team Coaches” that companies that called themselves “Consultants”, large and small, would send resumes to the sites and let the Client weed through stacks of resumes. This type of company should not call itself a consultant. BT first does a technical search for the right candidate. Then reviews, on the average, twenty resumes and sends three for consideration.

These guys are good!!!! 





Bernie’s Team provides “A Teams” in various technical areas that:

ü Have the right experience for the job description

ü Hit the ground running

ü Have Coaches to provide Technical advice

ü Perform according to schedule

ü Work ahead of and are ever aware of the budget

ü And always have “SAFETY FIRST” in mind and actions