The new “ERA” of Nuclear Power in the United States………….


Fort CalhounBernies Team, LLC has always been an advocate of Nuclear Power. We have kept a low overhead and attempted to help our clients by minimizing their overhead costs. We provide highly qualified personnel to supplement their staff at below average market rates with higher qualifications than they can get from our larger competitors. Our goal as an experienced THIRD PARTY REVIEWER is to make sure evolutions do not include delay time or change orders due to our extreme SME experience. We utilize as much of the same staff on different sites to bring a broad Industry knowledge to our clients.

DECOMMISSIONING brings a new twist to aid the Utility client. A decommissioning fund has limits on what can be spent to get the task completed. Cost overruns are not an option and thus looking at “Deep Pockets” to be able to perform the function twice no longer makes sense. Hiring a competent company that can minimize cost and improve the length of time of the evolution now becomes key!!!

Bernies Team, LLC has consistently performed in a professional manner that gets the project completed in a timely manner, below budget (if possible)* and in a safe manner.

*Dependent on how much of a role we are given in the project.