BT Used Fuel Management Services

Members of the”A TEAM” SPEAK OUT!!!.

First, let me say how excited we are about our potential dry cask storage growth opportunities in 2013. The market place is ever changing and Bernie’s Team is committed to providing our current and future clients with the level of service they expect and deserve. We hold ourselves to higher standards thus ensuring our dedication, responsibility and accountability to our clients. Bernie’s Team utilizes a tailored approach in order to meet the unique needs for each client. The The projects success is always our goal!!! Bernie Preisz, President & CEO Bernie’s Team. 

The“A Team” will expand its Used Fuel Management capabilities through the addition of experienced dry cask storage field professionals and teaming agreements necessary to ensure project success. We know that the individual team members are our greatest resource and with their knowledge, dedication and proven skill sets, Bernie’s Team will be successful. I look forward to doing my part to ensure our team’s success. Alexander Hay (BT Used Fuel Management Service Subject Matter Expert) (Oversight at Exelon)


My goal as part of Bernie’s Team is to provide a service to the client that keeps them apprised of the regulations and guidelines to successfully pass an NRC review. Besides the review of 13 complete ISFSI start-ups, my experience has labeled me as a SME on cranes and heavy loads. Thus far, Bernie’s Team has been called to review NAC, Trans Nuclear, and Holtec Technologies. Our clients must like us because we have been requested to return to each one. Scott Atwater (BT Subject Matter Expert ) (DCS/Crane Advisor@ Cooper)


I am new to Bernie’s Team, but I bring 35 plus years and numerous loading campaigns with me. It was very exciting having many companies pursue me, but the philosophy and attitude of helping the industry meet its goals led me to accept a position with the company. Bernie’s Team has this WIN – WIN – WIN philosophy that is old school, but needs to be revived in our industry. David C. Kern SME (Cask Loading & Fuel Transfer)


Currently I am involved in completing a project in Wisconsin, but I have agreed to align with Bernie’s Team for some future projects. Bernie and I have worked together for several years, and we have been able to complete our projects on time and in a professional manner. Shawn Miller (LaCBWR)



 Now you have met a few of the “A Team” members, what do you think?