March 2013

BT actually became an “International Operation” this past month with John Schmoll being in Nagasu, Japan at the Hitachi facility. Every morning and every evening John rides a local commuter train to and from Fukuoka, Japan where he is staying. John is the NPPD Oversight Representative looking at the next round of TN Canister’s. John, one thing I feel I should point out, is that all you can eat Catfish in Dardanelle, AR is not exactly Sushi in Japan. Thanks for being there, I am sure it is different, maybe even a little exciting!

BT reached another major milestone with Paul Gillespie joining our team and the establishment of our NQA-1 Quality Program.

One sure sign of growth and a major step toward becoming a huge factor in the “Used Fuel Management sector is taking the first steps to establish our tool/equipment inventory. When we complete that the utilities will be less captive to the canister manufacturers. Nothing like broadcasting that you are out to create a competitive market place. You might want to stay tuned as things are unfolding rapidly.

A Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the Irish and want to be Irish and NO! I will not share my bottle of Jameson!!!

February 2013 “A Team” News

The “A Team” News from Chuck! I am here this morning struggling with what to write about “The “A Team”. Whatever it is about it must be captivating, profound and lean towards our humorous side. I want to talk about our clients and the way they have accepted our business platform, it proves there is a place for a company that wants to do it right and actually does what they say. What other company will provide a penny for penny pricing detail that discloses exactly what we take for profit and overhead? I have worked for, or with, most of them at one time or another and I can tell you, none that I have seen. Any member of Bernie’s Team will tell you it has not all been easy, but it has always been fun. I am sure I speak for the whole team when I say “If it stops being fun, I am out of here”. We are fortunate to have a founder, owner, leader and friend that’s a people person first. Any situation that comes up it is always resolved by deciding what the right way is for the employee, the client and the company’s interest is the last consideration. If you are looking for an employer that accepts you as NUMBER ONE, than Bernie’s Team is the right choice! If you are a potential client looking for a company you can trust and depend on to do the job right, than Bernie’s Team is the right choice! While we have experienced a somewhat meteoric growth rate, even more impressive is we have experienced a less that one (1%) percent turnover rate since our inception. A statistic that is more than impressive in the staffing business. 2013 shows no indication of slowing down, January is a blur and February is here. Bernie get’s his hip replaced and will finally be at 100% and I am afraid the rest of us may not be ready for the effect of a Bernie at 100%! I personally can’t wait for January 2014 so I can look back and say 2012 compared to 2013 was a breeze!!!  

January 2013

2013 is starting with the same exhilarating pace that 2012 ended with. We opened the New York Office at 809 Destin Drive Endicott, NY 13760. You can contact the office at 607-321-3308 or E-Mail:

The office is the “Center of Excellence” for the Used Fuel Management Service organization headed by Alexander M. (Alex) Hay. Alex will be expanding Bernie’s Team’s presence in this industry segment along with Bernie. So look forward to hearing from and seeing Alex at your site in the near future.

M. Ali Egap Site Interference Design Lead for the CIS Project at OPPD’s Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station.

Hayes (June) Morgan begins an assignment as the Project Welding Engineer for Zion Solutions.

January should see an increase in opportunity for Bernie’s Team at Southern Nuclear under the oversight of John Dunning, “Roll John”!

Bernie will while over loaded with travel and other customer interfaces be finally getting his hip replaced thus taking away the last of his excuses.

Me? I am going to set back as usual and watch everybody else work after all that is what a VP of Operations does.

It is the spirit of the season that is important and a reminder to respect each other’s beliefs even if different than our own. Look for what we have in common and don’t focus on the differences. Remember that all men and women were created equal; it is what we learn later that makes us different.

That is more than enough of “The world according to Chuck” for 2012!!!

2012 for Bernie’s Team has been exciting with exceptional end of the year growth!!! The growth came in November and December normally a quiet time. The year began with a bang and is going out the same way. My Christmas wish is that “everyone will have a safe, prosperous and happy 2013. Congratulations to all of the Bernie’s Team members and thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. We could not have done it without you and your dedication.

Our promise to our teammates and our clients is that we will work even harder in 2013 for you!


Merry Christmas and a Joyous and prosperous New Year!!!!!

From our team to you:

Denise McClay, John Dunning, Alex Hay, David Kern, Scott Atwater, Rollie Clark, Peter Bell, Kurt Jennings, Bill Persick, Monte Layton, Charlie Ridout, Becki Wyscarver, Jake Tesar, Al Johnson, Bob Hopkins, Hayes Morgan, Ross Ridenour, Lydia Wong, Danni Yang, and Bernie!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving


With 2012 drawing to a close and Bernie’s Team nearing completion of its third year of business, it has been interesting and challenging to say the least. We have grown and expect to keep up our growth. We have added key players to our team and we are staffed for the future. We have formed alliances with key service providers enabling us to provide a complete solution to our clients. We have added Sothern Nuclear to our impressive list of General Service Agreements. We are in the process of entering into an agreement with BHI Energy’s WeldTech Services enhancing our Dry Cask Storage offering to include the canister closure welding. It is not a limiting agreement in that it allows for the use of other welding service providers should a client prefer a different welding services provider.

We have finished our first pool to pad transfer contract in support of Exelon at Limerick Station setting performance records including safety, dose exposure, budget, etc. I don’t think it is bragging as we were hired to provide the oversight to attain those goals. We are providing key oversight to the construction of the TN HSM’s as well.

We are performing key planning and scheduling for the NPPD Cooper EPU project, Vendor Oversight on the Fabrication of the new refueling bridge, and anxiously awaiting an opportunity to help with the construction of Cooper’s HSM’s for the upcoming campaign.

We have added two key people (Jodie Risner and Matt Miner) at Fort Calhoun to assist in the restart operations of that plant.


September 2012 “A Team” News

The web site is live, it is mostly complete, and we are still working on rolling out “Bernie’s IT Team”. Look for that to take its place on the web site soon. The information currently there is only a sampling of what the IT “A Team” brings to the table.


Congratulations to John Dunning are in order, his efforts to highlight the Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) side of our company may be bringing results in a very big way with a certain Birmingham based utility……………………… Congratulations John!!!


The Dry Cask Storage “A Team” is growing in numbers and players who are the Best of the Best”. The “A Team” has been talking to clients both old and new and they seem to have a lot of interest. 2013 (there is that number (13) again). What a year 2012 has been for superstitious people 13’s all over the place. Although 13 seems to be a lucky number for Bernie’s Team.


One question we get frequently is “why should we put our faith in a new company”. We are a new company in name only. Our team of “Coaches” have over three (3) centuries of nuclear power generation experience…………………………………….we have been there and done that many times before!!!. The Dry Cask “A Team” is made up of the …………………..”Best of the best”.


Please, don’t take my word for it, ask anyone who has been in the Pool to Pad Transfer arena for the past decade or two!!! We have experience with all three licensed casks vendor’s (NAC, Trans-Nuclear and Holtec) design and manufacture. They, like everything else, have strengths and weaknesses. Bernie’s Team is the only company in Pool to Pad Transfer that has no obligation to any of the manufacturers. We are also the only company that can bring to you the expertise of the NRC’s Mr. ISFSI (Scott Atwater) with more than sixty-two campaigns; ………….no one including the three cask vendors can do that!!!


Look for us to be in your plant soon!!!

Bernie’s Team Intranet

Bernie, John, Denise, Shawn and I, especially Shawn, have all had our moments of frustration with our previous e-Mail system provider, and the operator error difficulties experienced. We have invested in a SBS (small business server) and are now hosting our own e-mail server as well as other intranet capabilities that have yet to be rolled out. An eample of this would be a centralized electronic retention of documents intended or needed to be shared with others easily. We are excited to announce an agreement with the Able Group, Inc. (AGI) a local Fort Worth IT company. AGI is the host for our SBS and as such has the maintenance responsibility. AGI and Shawn Preisz have formed the Bernie’s IT Services which we will discuss in more detail at a later time.

The BT Intranet e-Mail service is available to all Bernie’s Team members with an established “user name and password”. Contact Shawn (

The “A Team” Website

The new website is finally a reality it was not an easy task.This year is a special one for the “A Team”and people with superstitions about Friday the 13ths: This year there were three of them: Jan. 13, April 13 and July 13. The freaky thing? The dates fall exactly 13 weeks apart. That hasn’t happened since 1984. Considering all that being against us we are pushing onward to grow our company and spread the word about the “A Team” !!!

The first half of 2012 has come and gone we have made it through the life critical first two (2) years of any start-up company and are poised to become a major player in the Nuclear and Fossil generation sectors. We continue to grow, although at a slightly more controlled pace. The website is here, so is the BT Intranet, We have either hired or gained commitments from the majority of the Dry Cask Storage experts to be a part of the “A Team”. 2013 will be the year that our Dry Cask Storage Team expands its position in the industry’s fuel loading and fuel transfer programs. It will be a year where our clients will recognize the value of the A Team”.

The new website is a living document and will be a significant task to keep it up to date as it was to get it to this level of completion.

A Team

Charles “Charlie” Ridout has joined A Team to provide Planning/Scheduling support for NPPD’s Extended Power Up-rate Project. Charlie is a graduate of Washington State University with many years of planning/scheduling experience in both the commercial nuclear and DOE/DOD industry sector’s. Charlie is a certifed Nuclear Planner and a certified Integrated Safety Management Planner (ISMS) by the U.S. Department of Energy. Charlie and his wife maintain a permanent residence in Richland, WA. Welcome to The A Team !