Hitachi Zosen buys NAC International

Hitachi Zosen is to buy used fuel management specialist NAC International from its current owner, USEC, in a $45 million deal that will provide the Japanese company with a platform to expand its operations in used fuel transportation and storage.

Osaka-headquartered engineering company Hitachi Zosen, often referred to as Hitz, has

Hitachi Zosen buys NAC International

Magnastor casks in use at the Palo Verde nuclear power plant (Image: NAC International)

over 30 years of experience in manufacturing nuclear fuel transport and storage casks and has fabricated dry cask storage and transportation systems for NAC since the 1980s. The company holds American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) N-stamp accreditation.

Hitachi Zosen president Minoru Furukawa expressed the company’s “strong aspiration” to further develop its used fuel business in partnership with NAC. A company press release noted that the acquisition would enable Hitachi Zosen to offer a ‘one stop’ solution for used nuclear fuel storage and transportation and to develop this business globally.

“In the aftermath of events at Fukushima, there is a greater focus on spent fuel storage. Hitachi Zosen has been actively involved in NAC activities through fabrication work and is well positioned to further develop market opportunities for NAC’s innovative systems,” USEC president and CEO John Welch explained.

USEC bought NAC International in 2004 for $16 million. Welch said that the decision to sell NAC formed part of the company’s strategy to focus on its core uranium business and the deployment of its American Centrifuge Technology over the next several years. The centrifuge project has been dogged by problems with both technology and finance. The $45 million sale, which has been achieved through a competitive process, will benefit the company’s balance sheet.

NAC president Ken Cole said the acquisition held great promise for his company’s customers and employees. “We have a long-standing relationship with Hitachi Zosen and have a deep respect for its excellent operations,” he said, adding that he expected the NAC organisation, which includes international nuclear fuel cycle consulting and information services as well as its storage and transport operations, to remain intact. The company’s Magnastor dry-cask technology was the first high capacity multipurpose used fuel storage technology to receive certification from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The transaction is expected to close in March. As part of the deal, USEC will agree not to engage in competition with NAC for three years thereafter.

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Bernie’s Team UFMS 2012 Limerick Project Summary

On December 14, 2012, Bernie’s Team (Alex Hay and Dave Kern) successfully completed its Exelon Dry Cask Storage (DCS) contract, managing Limerick’s 2012 Spent Fuel Loading Campaign (SFLC) and HSM-H Installation project.

Acting as the site DCS Program Manager, Alex Hay, with the assistance of other site support groups, prepared and executed a three (3) cask loading campaign consisting of TN 61BT dry shielded canisters (DSCs). The entire team completed this task safely, on schedule, error free, on budget, and under dose stretch goals, despite weather delays and emergent site issues. The team received numerous site and corporate accolades for Limerick’s best DCS performance to date.

Immediately following the SFLC, Alex and Dave Kern initiated the HSM-H Installation project consisting of nineteen (19) HSM-H storage modules with the assistance of HAKE Rigging Company. Accolades to the following Team members:

HAKE for their excellent and professional performance in all aspects of the project. Jim Radomicki, John Picking and Pat Moore provided excellent leadership and their team executed their duties with the highest standards.

Dave Kern provided HSM field subject matter expertise and oversight during the installation process that attributed to our success. Dave’s questioning atittude assisted in more than one occasion.

Tom Salerno (Project Coordinator) and Gene Grace (Work Planner), retired site employees, provided invaluable site expertise instrumental in the team’s success.

Doug Suddeth provided timely QC field support second to none!
Like the SFLC, this effort also received numerous site and corporate accolades for excellent performance.

In summary, although challenging, Bernie’s Team enjoyed the opportunity in assisting Exelon meet their Limerick 2012 DCS goals. Bernie’s Team will continue to provide consulting services to assist Limerick prepare for their upcoming 2013 SFLC.

Exelon Limerick Station Update

Bernie’s Team (BT) members, Alex Hay (Project Manager) andDave Kern(Installation Lead), are currently providing project management and oversight for the transportation and installation of 19 HSM-Hs at Limerick Generating Station (LGS), scheduled to complete on December 14, 2012.


Limerick’s HSM project is responsible for erecting a single array of 19 HSM-Hs and corresponding temperature monitoring system (TMS).  BTs project team developed and awarded the installation contract to Hake Rigging Company with the assistance of Exelon’s Corporate Supply Category Management team.


To date, the project has successfully set 16 bases, 12 roofs, 10 back walls, and 8 roof vents. Installation activities are currently on schedule, on budget and injury free. The HSM project team has received numerous accolades from site and corporate leadership teams for human performance excellence and safe work practices.  Additional scope of work includes the receipt and inspection of 8 new 61BTH DSCs in preparation for LGSs 2013 Spent Fuel Loading Campaign (SFLC).


Limerick’s HSM installation project is Dave Kern’s fourth in a management or oversight role. Prior HSM installation projects include St. Lucie, Ginna, and Nine Mile Point. Nine Mile Point HSM project included onsite HSM fabrication, atypical for this technology. Dave’s knowledge and experience has been instrumental to the overall success of Limerick’s HSM Installation project.


Bernie’s Team stands poised to assist future customers successfully expand their current HSM array utilizing our experience and lessons learned from past installation projects.


Please contact Alex ( for additional information.