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Our DNA … One strand represents the foundation of Bernie’s Team, LLC. The other strand, the depth of the company’s team members. The connectors which join the two bands are the team members, the heart of Bernie’s Team, LLC.

Together, the history, the experience and the team members create a bond forming the strengths in the DNA of Bernie’s Team.

A History of Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
400+ Years of Experience                                     Highly Qualified Team Members
BT Services is reflected in the double helix above each “Link” is a Team Member.The “Link” is the structure that is the summation of the double helix.One strand of DNA represents the history and experience of BT Services.The other strand represents the experience of its Employees!!!Bernie’s Team is comprised of a staff that combined has four hundred plus years of relative Industry Experience!!! BT Services Is comprised of personnel that are Subject Matter Experts (SME) by Demonstrated Experience!!!
  • Ross Ridenoure – CNO at Nuclear Utilities – Board of Directors
  • Bernie Preisz – 40+ years Staff Augmentation Contracts/Nuclear Field Startup
  • Paul Gillespie – 40+ years QA/QC Oversight
  • Scott Atwater- almost 40 years NRC/ISFISI/Cranes/Operations SME
  • Ken Davis- 30+ years of Project Controls/Outage Planning
  • John Dunning-30+ years in Business Development/Field Supervision
  • David Kern – 30+ years Operations/Used Fuel Services
  • Hayes Morgan – 35+ experience in Nuclear Power Plant Construction, Outage work, Alloy 600 overlays, and Fuel Movement as Mechanical Field Engineer, Welding Engineer, Dry Cask Fuel Storage, Quality Review and Plant Decommissioning Engineer.
  • Denise McClay – 40+ years making sure Corporations keep the peace with Employees!!!

It is why we are who we are!!!

“A Team News” Complex Project is Complete

From Security Upgrade Project Team Led by Bob Hopkins of Bernie’s Team

As part of the Security Upgrade Project, workers replaced electrical panels MPP-18 and PS-UPP-S1 over the weekend. (MPP-18 is located in room 123 of the Technical Support Center and PS-UPP-S1 is located in room SB103 of the Security Building.)

The conclusion of the MPP-18 outage, scheduled for 48 hours, was delayed for 10 hours. This delay was evident by the loss of the turnstiles in the Security Building on Monday morning. The project team apologizes for this inconvenience.

The outage involved installing a major new electrical distribution system, and during post-modification testing and troubleshooting it was determined that a transformer that feeds the turnstiles was mis-wired.

That issue was corrected, the impacted equipment was tested and put back into service, and a Condition Report was written. It’s unfortunate that such a positive project ended on that note.

This was one of the most complicated, non-safety-related system outages the site has seen. It took two years to design the new system, three months to generate the Construction Work Orders and the temporary power prerequisites, and a week to install the temporary power prerequisites.

The project team members worked well together to prepare and execute the MPP18 outage. Coordination was critical due to the amount of existing and new equipment that was installed, tested and energized.

Overall, this project was a great example of teamwork and a big step forward for FCS.

May, 2013; “A Team News”

Well, we made it through April and sometimes I wonder if the gods were smiling on us or not. There is a philosophy that says “what does not kill you makes you stronger” and in our case we have emerged from April a stronger and a more focused team. We are focused on the goals of Safety, Quality, and Budget. These are not separable attributes and you cannot have one without the other two!!!

While we do not promote one dry cask system over another there are times when a step forward by one manufacturer deserves to be mentioned. Congratulations to NAC International and its MAGNASTOR® system which is the nuclear industry’s first ultra-high capacity multi-purpose canister system (MCS) to be loaded with spent nuclear fuel at a commercial nuclear facility.

As you may know, all the Dry Cask Systems (HOLTEC, TN and NAC) are licensed so the ultimate decision, of selecting an MCS, is the utilities total cost. At this point, it appears NAC may have taken a step ahead of the others but only time will tell!

Next month we should have some intelligence gathered from the NEI Used Fuel Conference, hopefully some human interest stories gathered at night in the lounge.

April, 2013 Bernies Team, LLC

It is that time of the month again when I must put forth something profound, interesting, and meaningful and a host of other adjectives.

Let see,

Meaningful? Today is April Fool’s day and the only thing I can think of is the bottle of Jamison’s on St. Patrick’s day. I am told that while I felt foolish I actually handled it well. That is hardly ever the case.

Interesting, we have submitted our capabilities statement to the DOE Draft SOW “Conceptual Design for Interim Storage and Transportation of Used Nuclear Fuel. We have a shot in my opinion but a slim one. Slim in my opinion because it is for Small Business and I don’t think they will find enough capable small businesses to have a competitive bid.

Profound, we have teamed with Ted Quinn’s company Technology Resources and enhanced our training capabilities. We also bid the Design Basis Training Upgrade Project for NPPD Cooper Station.

Improvement, Bernie will finally run out of excuses on April 8th when his hip is replaced and we will get to see if it was the hip or old age.

John Schmoll has made it home from Japan and as I understand it looking forward to a return the week of April 6th for three (3) weeks. Tell me John was it the food or the airline miles that did it! Maybe we can convince John to provide us with a small human interest article and some pictures if he took any.

Finally the BT IT group head has been identified, Shawn Preisz. That is right Bernie’s son; fortunately “IT challenged” does not run in the family!!!

March 2013

BT actually became an “International Operation” this past month with John Schmoll being in Nagasu, Japan at the Hitachi facility. Every morning and every evening John rides a local commuter train to and from Fukuoka, Japan where he is staying. John is the NPPD Oversight Representative looking at the next round of TN Canister’s. John, one thing I feel I should point out, is that all you can eat Catfish in Dardanelle, AR is not exactly Sushi in Japan. Thanks for being there, I am sure it is different, maybe even a little exciting!

BT reached another major milestone with Paul Gillespie joining our team and the establishment of our NQA-1 Quality Program.

One sure sign of growth and a major step toward becoming a huge factor in the “Used Fuel Management sector is taking the first steps to establish our tool/equipment inventory. When we complete that the utilities will be less captive to the canister manufacturers. Nothing like broadcasting that you are out to create a competitive market place. You might want to stay tuned as things are unfolding rapidly.

A Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the Irish and want to be Irish and NO! I will not share my bottle of Jameson!!!