A note of Thanks to our Clients!!!

Bernies Team is going to need a directory!!!

Three years of continuous growth and addition of new and old friends.
We are almost complete in our first fully burdened department. Used Fuel Management Services (UFMS).

We have Alex Hay …..known SME for UFMS…….Scott Atwater….known SME for ISFISI/Cranes/NRC Oversight….Dave Kern….HSM’s/Shift Supervision…………John Schmoll…..QA/QC Welding/Cask Manufacturing…Hayes (June) Morgan…SME Welding Engineer.…Paul Gillespie…..NQA-1/Level III Director Nuclear Oversight and our secret weapon for next month to be announced………………..!!!

Our Clients saw the need….We answered the challenge!!!

This month my old friend, Ali Egap, joined our Team to assist Ft. Calhoun on a critical path assignment. Ali has never been requested to do a project that was not completed excellently. Ali has more recommendations from CNO’s than most people even know!!!

Our talented staff has been answering requests from clients and our administrative and accounting members have been sending/receiving paperwork at the speed of light.

Our reputation is growing and our successful completion of projects is piling up. We have been blessed by years of traveling in the right circles and knowing the right people to get the job done.

Bernie’s Team is proud to be a managed task organization that provides Staff Augmentation with the backing of its coaches and players.

Ahead of Schedule…….Below Budget…….In a safe manner!!!
We are proud to say….We have been there before so getting there again is easy!!!

There seems to be a new and exciting era of wanting to get the best of the best for Nuclear Power. I for one thought we were settling for mediocrity due to cost considerations. Management has started to show us that when they see what actual cost savings by time allocation can do, they once again will request…..An “A” Team.

Because of the entire organization which makes up “Bernies Team”, we have seven Utilities and fourteen sites under contract in 2013.

Remember Safety first, Quality always and Technical Growth sets us apart!!!

2013—-Starting the Year with a Bang!!!

January’s topic is “more” Kudos to the “Team”………..

2013 starts Hayes (June) Morgan, our Welding Engineer on assignment at Zion Solutions. 2013 starts with Ali Egap, our Engineering Manager, going to supervise a critical path project at Ft. Calhoun. 2013 starts with Alex Hay, Director – Used Fuel Management Services, starting an organized approach to our clients needs. 2013 starts with Dave Kern, Manager – Used Fuel Management Services, starting an organized approach to HSM construction on our client Sites.
January is exploding with talent from Bernies Team answering the call to our Clients. We appreciate the requests and hope they don’t slow down. During our period of extreme growth I wanted to both thank our clients and crew for bearing with us. We consistently answer the call for duty and as little as possible allow for human exhaustion. I for one, being a retired start up Engineer always enjoyed 7/12’s. Who would think you could get back to that hectic era running a consulting firm. My thoughts and accolades go out to Chuck Vincent, Denise McClay and John Dunning for their undying dedication to keep the paperwork trail flowing to meet our clients’ needs.
Bernies Team has captured historical proportions for instant growth in the period between “Thanksgiving and New Years”. I am probably the only one who sees what it takes to get these “Team Members” through the process of being proposed to actual “Boots on the Ground”. So on behalf of our clients, to the staff , “I say, Job Well Done!!!”.
Last but not least, let me mention 2013 brings to us the opportunity to assist Southern Company in all aspects. A mountain of opportunity and a mountain of responsibility for the monitoring and meeting of their needs.

Through “Teamwork” we aspire to excellence in all our tasks!!!

We are looking for an exciting 2013 in, Safety, Quality and Growth!!!

Kudos to the “Team”………A New Era………Ending the 2012 with a BANG!!!

For me, personally, 2013 brings forty two years of contracting history and/or direct labor applied to the Commercial Nuclear Power Generation sector!!!
My thoughts are that there could be little that would surprise me within this Industry. In all that time and with five companies going through startup in my career, Bernies Team is capturing historical proportions for instant growth in the normally slow period between “Thanksgiving and New Years”.
Contractors have been saying for years; hire the best people and get the job done…Safely…On or Ahead of Schedule…….At or Below Budget!!! No matter how many times you preach this, most clients accept mediocrity with deep pockets, in lieu of the lowest total cost!!!
Bernies Team looks to double in size and to accept, critical path, managed tasks starting in December. We have all heard the saying that “Necessity is the mother of invention!!!” Another way to say this is, “Difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions.” What I am saying here, that after forty two years of preaching this message is finally getting through. I think it is because at Bernie’s Team “We not only talk the talk but we walk the walk!!! Bernies Team has cut margins to supply the very best technically competent consultants to our clients. The clients in turn have shown their recognition of the quality we provide and the fiscal management we employ and constantly are giving us the new opportunity to assist..
Myself along with the rest of “Bernie’s Team” want to Thank the field personnel for your excellent effort to show what a true consulting “Team” can do!!! I personally want to Thank the member “Coaches and Players” for their undying dedication, to providing the hours, to find the talent, to fill the positions required, for our “Trusting Clients”. And finally all of “Bernies Team would like to Thank our Clients for putting their Trust in us, a new but highly qualified company!!!
Because of the entire organization which makes up “Bernies Team”, we have six Utilities and twelve sites under contract in 2012.
We are looking for an exciting 2013 in, Safety, Quality and Growth!!!

Knowledge gained should be Knowledge shared!!!

Every month seems to fly by faster than the last. November 6th is my birthday and is also the day of  reckoning for the USA. After listening to the debates it is very apparent to me that our concern should not be on what we haven’t done but what we have to do. Southern Company requested “Bernie’s Team” to have a meeting to learn what we could bring to their organization that they don’t already have. We showed them that although they may be happy with who they have it could be that they don’t know what they could get!   I like to refer to three types of companies you can hire as a Shot Glass, a Juice Glass and a Water Glass!!!






Shot Glass (Mom & Pop Company)   







Juice Glass (AE – Large Engineering Firm)










Water Glass (Bernie’s Team)




All three glasses hold liquid. All are structurally correct. All when full are holding the most liquid they can. But as you see the “Bernie’s Team“ glass delivers so much more contained in one company!!! 

Although this to me is self evident when you look at our real structure contained within this website, we would be glad to come to your site and explain this postulate further!!! Bernies Team has over Three Centuries of experience dispersed throughout it’s management “TEAM”

“The Few, the Proud, the “A Team”


Meanderings of a Beleagured Traveler

Bernie’s Corner


I have been visiting several new sites and thus have been on the road a lot lately. When behind the wheel traveling from Limerick to Susquehanna, and Peach Bottom it occurred to me that I should expound about “Why the name Bernies Team?”   

“Bernies Team”…..I express to everyone that the emphasis of the title is heavily on “Team” and not on Bernie!! Throughout the years, and several companies, I have always expressed that the Company needs to treat the Employee as number 1 if the Company wants to be number 1. When the idea came around not to retire but to start a new Company the first thought was I wanted a “Team” to work with because I believe a Company doesn’t exist because of…..or about one person!!!

Webster defines “Team” as….”marked by devotion to teamwork rather than individual achievement” It uses the example of ….<a team player>….!!! Every Company that has employed my services has started as a “Team” and ended up all about the owner. This Company is my Legacy!!! I decided to make what I believe to be the ultimate Company, to do that you have to have a reason other than remuneration.

My definition of “Team” is slightly different to Webster. My definition comes from the original reference to “Team” from the fourteenth century…..”Two or more draft animals harnessed to the same vehicle or implement”!!!  This, to me, means everyone pulling together and getting the job done. When I was growing up we had a “Team” of Belgian horses. Our neighbor had a combine and several tractors. We both plowed our fields and we both grew corn and other crops. The difference was that his tractor did not plow the field as good as these horses did. When you gave the order to pull the plow, these horses travelled in a straight line and their rows were true. The tractor bounced around and the plowed earth showed every bounce from the straight and narrow. The horses worked hard all day and when the day was over they received their reward of oats, clean hay and a good place to live.

We offer to our Clients, technically competent people who hit the ground running, do a good job and go back to their homes proud of the job they performed!!!

“The Few, the Proud, the “A” Team”

2013 Target Dry Cask

We at Bernie’s Team are planning one of the next steps in our pattern of consistent growth and capability upgrading.


The focus is on 2013!!!  The target is Dry Cask Storage!!!


Over the next couple months we will be looking for places to accept some of the best experienced shift supervisors and Dry Cask Storage “Team” members. We know we have the right attitude to get the job done. There has been a very slow start to the right way to perform Dry Cask Campaigns in our Industry. Hit or miss solutions cannot be the way of the future. Having the right Team” and the right attitude takes posturing. The “A Team” is being assembled. Our plan is to have three crews with excellent knowledge and the experience to perform above others. To make this happen we need the clients to assist in giving us the opportunity to bid and keep these three expert “Teams” together. We have started to add widely recognized Subject Matter Experts with:




                                                                       experience to provide select utilities with well run campaigns. We would like eventually to only be additive to those Utilities that can self perform. To others we would propose shared crews to minimize overhead costs. Lastly we will provide a “Turnkey Solution” We know we have accumulated the right people for our current and future clients because they are the -


“Best of the Best”.

BT Growth Plans

Bernie’s Team in the next few weeks you will be hearing about our adding Technical Expertise to support the Fossil Power Generation Utilities. We have added widely recognized Subject Matter Experts to provide these utilities with boiler Maintenance / management expertise. Watch for fture articles and you will see who they are and a snapshot of their background. This addition is one Bernie and I have discussed for a while, I will share that it comes earlier than either of us ever anticipated. The stars aligned and our financial position and the availability of the people have allowed us to move up the time table.