Common 3D Laser Scanning Terms Page 2

Raw scan data: Am unprocessed data collected by a laser scanner. This might include different sources of error and perirpheral data catured during the scanning survey.

Registration: The process of determining and applying to two or  more data sets the transformations that locate each dataset in a common coordinate system so that datasets are aligned relativeto each other (ASTM).

Scan: Refers to a single session of data collectionnat a single scan origin and scan orientation.

Segmentation: The process of sepasrating and isolating groups of points from the laser scan.

Survey control: The point(s) of reference where all measurments for engineering and constrcution will be tied to.

TIN (Triangulated Irregular Network): Representation of a surface that is arranged in a network of non-overlapping triangles.

Time-of flight: 3D laser scanners that calculate mesurements based on the two-way travel time it takes for the laser beam pulse to detect a surface and return to the detector.

Uncertainty: the uncertainty is the quantity of how much a measurement is unknown compared to the actual feature.