Bernies Team, LLC News

Our DNA … One strand represents the foundation of Bernie’s Team, LLC. The other strand, the depth of the company’s team members. The connectors which join the two bands are the team members, the heart of Bernie’s Team, LLC.

Together, the history, the experience and the team members create a bond forming the strengths in the DNA of Bernie’s Team.

A History of Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
400+ Years of Experience                                     Highly Qualified Team Members
BT Services is reflected in the double helix above each “Link” is a Team Member.The “Link” is the structure that is the summation of the double helix.One strand of DNA represents the history and experience of BT Services.The other strand represents the experience of its Employees!!!Bernie’s Team is comprised of a staff that combined has four hundred plus years of relative Industry Experience!!! BT Services Is comprised of personnel that are Subject Matter Experts (SME) by Demonstrated Experience!!!
  • Ross Ridenoure – CNO at Nuclear Utilities – Board of Directors
  • Bernie Preisz – 40+ years Staff Augmentation Contracts/Nuclear Field Startup
  • Paul Gillespie – 40+ years QA/QC Oversight
  • Scott Atwater- almost 40 years NRC/ISFISI/Cranes/Operations SME
  • Ken Davis- 30+ years of Project Controls/Outage Planning
  • John Dunning-30+ years in Business Development/Field Supervision
  • David Kern – 30+ years Operations/Used Fuel Services
  • Hayes Morgan – 35+ experience in Nuclear Power Plant Construction, Outage work, Alloy 600 overlays, and Fuel Movement as Mechanical Field Engineer, Welding Engineer, Dry Cask Fuel Storage, Quality Review and Plant Decommissioning Engineer.
  • Denise McClay – 40+ years making sure Corporations keep the peace with Employees!!!

It is why we are who we are!!!