“A Team News” Complex Project is Complete

From Security Upgrade Project Team Led by Bob Hopkins of Bernie’s Team

As part of the Security Upgrade Project, workers replaced electrical panels MPP-18 and PS-UPP-S1 over the weekend. (MPP-18 is located in room 123 of the Technical Support Center and PS-UPP-S1 is located in room SB103 of the Security Building.)

The conclusion of the MPP-18 outage, scheduled for 48 hours, was delayed for 10 hours. This delay was evident by the loss of the turnstiles in the Security Building on Monday morning. The project team apologizes for this inconvenience.

The outage involved installing a major new electrical distribution system, and during post-modification testing and troubleshooting it was determined that a transformer that feeds the turnstiles was mis-wired.

That issue was corrected, the impacted equipment was tested and put back into service, and a Condition Report was written. It’s unfortunate that such a positive project ended on that note.

This was one of the most complicated, non-safety-related system outages the site has seen. It took two years to design the new system, three months to generate the Construction Work Orders and the temporary power prerequisites, and a week to install the temporary power prerequisites.

The project team members worked well together to prepare and execute the MPP18 outage. Coordination was critical due to the amount of existing and new equipment that was installed, tested and energized.

Overall, this project was a great example of teamwork and a big step forward for FCS.