May, 2013; “A Team News”

Well, we made it through April and sometimes I wonder if the gods were smiling on us or not. There is a philosophy that says “what does not kill you makes you stronger” and in our case we have emerged from April a stronger and a more focused team. We are focused on the goals of Safety, Quality, and Budget. These are not separable attributes and you cannot have one without the other two!!!

While we do not promote one dry cask system over another there are times when a step forward by one manufacturer deserves to be mentioned. Congratulations to NAC International and its MAGNASTOR® system which is the nuclear industry’s first ultra-high capacity multi-purpose canister system (MCS) to be loaded with spent nuclear fuel at a commercial nuclear facility.

As you may know, all the Dry Cask Systems (HOLTEC, TN and NAC) are licensed so the ultimate decision, of selecting an MCS, is the utilities total cost. At this point, it appears NAC may have taken a step ahead of the others but only time will tell!

Next month we should have some intelligence gathered from the NEI Used Fuel Conference, hopefully some human interest stories gathered at night in the lounge.