April, 2013 Bernies Team, LLC

It is that time of the month again when I must put forth something profound, interesting, and meaningful and a host of other adjectives.

Let see,

Meaningful? Today is April Fool’s day and the only thing I can think of is the bottle of Jamison’s on St. Patrick’s day. I am told that while I felt foolish I actually handled it well. That is hardly ever the case.

Interesting, we have submitted our capabilities statement to the DOE Draft SOW “Conceptual Design for Interim Storage and Transportation of Used Nuclear Fuel. We have a shot in my opinion but a slim one. Slim in my opinion because it is for Small Business and I don’t think they will find enough capable small businesses to have a competitive bid.

Profound, we have teamed with Ted Quinn’s company Technology Resources and enhanced our training capabilities. We also bid the Design Basis Training Upgrade Project for NPPD Cooper Station.

Improvement, Bernie will finally run out of excuses on April 8th when his hip is replaced and we will get to see if it was the hip or old age.

John Schmoll has made it home from Japan and as I understand it looking forward to a return the week of April 6th for three (3) weeks. Tell me John was it the food or the airline miles that did it! Maybe we can convince John to provide us with a small human interest article and some pictures if he took any.

Finally the BT IT group head has been identified, Shawn Preisz. That is right Bernie’s son; fortunately “IT challenged” does not run in the family!!!