March 2013

BT actually became an “International Operation” this past month with John Schmoll being in Nagasu, Japan at the Hitachi facility. Every morning and every evening John rides a local commuter train to and from Fukuoka, Japan where he is staying. John is the NPPD Oversight Representative looking at the next round of TN Canister’s. John, one thing I feel I should point out, is that all you can eat Catfish in Dardanelle, AR is not exactly Sushi in Japan. Thanks for being there, I am sure it is different, maybe even a little exciting!

BT reached another major milestone with Paul Gillespie joining our team and the establishment of our NQA-1 Quality Program.

One sure sign of growth and a major step toward becoming a huge factor in the “Used Fuel Management sector is taking the first steps to establish our tool/equipment inventory. When we complete that the utilities will be less captive to the canister manufacturers. Nothing like broadcasting that you are out to create a competitive market place. You might want to stay tuned as things are unfolding rapidly.

A Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the Irish and want to be Irish and NO! I will not share my bottle of Jameson!!!