February 2013 “A Team” News

The “A Team” News from Chuck! I am here this morning struggling with what to write about “The “A Team”. Whatever it is about it must be captivating, profound and lean towards our humorous side. I want to talk about our clients and the way they have accepted our business platform, it proves there is a place for a company that wants to do it right and actually does what they say. What other company will provide a penny for penny pricing detail that discloses exactly what we take for profit and overhead? I have worked for, or with, most of them at one time or another and I can tell you, none that I have seen. Any member of Bernie’s Team will tell you it has not all been easy, but it has always been fun. I am sure I speak for the whole team when I say “If it stops being fun, I am out of here”. We are fortunate to have a founder, owner, leader and friend that’s a people person first. Any situation that comes up it is always resolved by deciding what the right way is for the employee, the client and the company’s interest is the last consideration. If you are looking for an employer that accepts you as NUMBER ONE, than Bernie’s Team is the right choice! If you are a potential client looking for a company you can trust and depend on to do the job right, than Bernie’s Team is the right choice! While we have experienced a somewhat meteoric growth rate, even more impressive is we have experienced a less that one (1%) percent turnover rate since our inception. A statistic that is more than impressive in the staffing business. 2013 shows no indication of slowing down, January is a blur and February is here. Bernie get’s his hip replaced and will finally be at 100% and I am afraid the rest of us may not be ready for the effect of a Bernie at 100%! I personally can’t wait for January 2014 so I can look back and say 2012 compared to 2013 was a breeze!!!