2013—-Starting the Year with a Bang!!!

January’s topic is “more” Kudos to the “Team”………..

2013 starts Hayes (June) Morgan, our Welding Engineer on assignment at Zion Solutions. 2013 starts with Ali Egap, our Engineering Manager, going to supervise a critical path project at Ft. Calhoun. 2013 starts with Alex Hay, Director – Used Fuel Management Services, starting an organized approach to our clients needs. 2013 starts with Dave Kern, Manager – Used Fuel Management Services, starting an organized approach to HSM construction on our client Sites.
January is exploding with talent from Bernies Team answering the call to our Clients. We appreciate the requests and hope they don’t slow down. During our period of extreme growth I wanted to both thank our clients and crew for bearing with us. We consistently answer the call for duty and as little as possible allow for human exhaustion. I for one, being a retired start up Engineer always enjoyed 7/12’s. Who would think you could get back to that hectic era running a consulting firm. My thoughts and accolades go out to Chuck Vincent, Denise McClay and John Dunning for their undying dedication to keep the paperwork trail flowing to meet our clients’ needs.
Bernies Team has captured historical proportions for instant growth in the period between “Thanksgiving and New Years”. I am probably the only one who sees what it takes to get these “Team Members” through the process of being proposed to actual “Boots on the Ground”. So on behalf of our clients, to the staff , “I say, Job Well Done!!!”.
Last but not least, let me mention 2013 brings to us the opportunity to assist Southern Company in all aspects. A mountain of opportunity and a mountain of responsibility for the monitoring and meeting of their needs.

Through “Teamwork” we aspire to excellence in all our tasks!!!

We are looking for an exciting 2013 in, Safety, Quality and Growth!!!