Kudos to the “Team”………A New Era………Ending the 2012 with a BANG!!!

For me, personally, 2013 brings forty two years of contracting history and/or direct labor applied to the Commercial Nuclear Power Generation sector!!!
My thoughts are that there could be little that would surprise me within this Industry. In all that time and with five companies going through startup in my career, Bernies Team is capturing historical proportions for instant growth in the normally slow period between “Thanksgiving and New Years”.
Contractors have been saying for years; hire the best people and get the job done…Safely…On or Ahead of Schedule…….At or Below Budget!!! No matter how many times you preach this, most clients accept mediocrity with deep pockets, in lieu of the lowest total cost!!!
Bernies Team looks to double in size and to accept, critical path, managed tasks starting in December. We have all heard the saying that “Necessity is the mother of invention!!!” Another way to say this is, “Difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions.” What I am saying here, that after forty two years of preaching this message is finally getting through. I think it is because at Bernie’s Team “We not only talk the talk but we walk the walk!!! Bernies Team has cut margins to supply the very best technically competent consultants to our clients. The clients in turn have shown their recognition of the quality we provide and the fiscal management we employ and constantly are giving us the new opportunity to assist..
Myself along with the rest of “Bernie’s Team” want to Thank the field personnel for your excellent effort to show what a true consulting “Team” can do!!! I personally want to Thank the member “Coaches and Players” for their undying dedication, to providing the hours, to find the talent, to fill the positions required, for our “Trusting Clients”. And finally all of “Bernies Team would like to Thank our Clients for putting their Trust in us, a new but highly qualified company!!!
Because of the entire organization which makes up “Bernies Team”, we have six Utilities and twelve sites under contract in 2012.
We are looking for an exciting 2013 in, Safety, Quality and Growth!!!