Bernie’s Team UFMS 2012 Limerick Project Summary

On December 14, 2012, Bernie’s Team (Alex Hay and Dave Kern) successfully completed its Exelon Dry Cask Storage (DCS) contract, managing Limerick’s 2012 Spent Fuel Loading Campaign (SFLC) and HSM-H Installation project.

Acting as the site DCS Program Manager, Alex Hay, with the assistance of other site support groups, prepared and executed a three (3) cask loading campaign consisting of TN 61BT dry shielded canisters (DSCs). The entire team completed this task safely, on schedule, error free, on budget, and under dose stretch goals, despite weather delays and emergent site issues. The team received numerous site and corporate accolades for Limerick’s best DCS performance to date.

Immediately following the SFLC, Alex and Dave Kern initiated the HSM-H Installation project consisting of nineteen (19) HSM-H storage modules with the assistance of HAKE Rigging Company. Accolades to the following Team members:

HAKE for their excellent and professional performance in all aspects of the project. Jim Radomicki, John Picking and Pat Moore provided excellent leadership and their team executed their duties with the highest standards.

Dave Kern provided HSM field subject matter expertise and oversight during the installation process that attributed to our success. Dave’s questioning atittude assisted in more than one occasion.

Tom Salerno (Project Coordinator) and Gene Grace (Work Planner), retired site employees, provided invaluable site expertise instrumental in the team’s success.

Doug Suddeth provided timely QC field support second to none!
Like the SFLC, this effort also received numerous site and corporate accolades for excellent performance.

In summary, although challenging, Bernie’s Team enjoyed the opportunity in assisting Exelon meet their Limerick 2012 DCS goals. Bernie’s Team will continue to provide consulting services to assist Limerick prepare for their upcoming 2013 SFLC.