Knowledge gained should be Knowledge shared!!!

Every month seems to fly by faster than the last. November 6th is my birthday and is also the day of  reckoning for the USA. After listening to the debates it is very apparent to me that our concern should not be on what we haven’t done but what we have to do. Southern Company requested “Bernie’s Team” to have a meeting to learn what we could bring to their organization that they don’t already have. We showed them that although they may be happy with who they have it could be that they don’t know what they could get!   I like to refer to three types of companies you can hire as a Shot Glass, a Juice Glass and a Water Glass!!!






Shot Glass (Mom & Pop Company)   







Juice Glass (AE – Large Engineering Firm)










Water Glass (Bernie’s Team)




All three glasses hold liquid. All are structurally correct. All when full are holding the most liquid they can. But as you see the “Bernie’s Team“ glass delivers so much more contained in one company!!! 

Although this to me is self evident when you look at our real structure contained within this website, we would be glad to come to your site and explain this postulate further!!! Bernies Team has over Three Centuries of experience dispersed throughout it’s management “TEAM”

“The Few, the Proud, the “A Team”