Happy Thanksgiving


With 2012 drawing to a close and Bernie’s Team nearing completion of its third year of business, it has been interesting and challenging to say the least. We have grown and expect to keep up our growth. We have added key players to our team and we are staffed for the future. We have formed alliances with key service providers enabling us to provide a complete solution to our clients. We have added Sothern Nuclear to our impressive list of General Service Agreements. We are in the process of entering into an agreement with BHI Energy’s WeldTech Services enhancing our Dry Cask Storage offering to include the canister closure welding. It is not a limiting agreement in that it allows for the use of other welding service providers should a client prefer a different welding services provider.

We have finished our first pool to pad transfer contract in support of Exelon at Limerick Station setting performance records including safety, dose exposure, budget, etc. I don’t think it is bragging as we were hired to provide the oversight to attain those goals. We are providing key oversight to the construction of the TN HSM’s as well.

We are performing key planning and scheduling for the NPPD Cooper EPU project, Vendor Oversight on the Fabrication of the new refueling bridge, and anxiously awaiting an opportunity to help with the construction of Cooper’s HSM’s for the upcoming campaign.

We have added two key people (Jodie Risner and Matt Miner) at Fort Calhoun to assist in the restart operations of that plant.