September 2012 “A Team” News

The web site is live, it is mostly complete, and we are still working on rolling out “Bernie’s IT Team”. Look for that to take its place on the web site soon. The information currently there is only a sampling of what the IT “A Team” brings to the table.


Congratulations to John Dunning are in order, his efforts to highlight the Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) side of our company may be bringing results in a very big way with a certain Birmingham based utility……………………… Congratulations John!!!


The Dry Cask Storage “A Team” is growing in numbers and players who are the Best of the Best”. The “A Team” has been talking to clients both old and new and they seem to have a lot of interest. 2013 (there is that number (13) again). What a year 2012 has been for superstitious people 13’s all over the place. Although 13 seems to be a lucky number for Bernie’s Team.


One question we get frequently is “why should we put our faith in a new company”. We are a new company in name only. Our team of “Coaches” have over three (3) centuries of nuclear power generation experience…………………………………….we have been there and done that many times before!!!. The Dry Cask “A Team” is made up of the …………………..”Best of the best”.


Please, don’t take my word for it, ask anyone who has been in the Pool to Pad Transfer arena for the past decade or two!!! We have experience with all three licensed casks vendor’s (NAC, Trans-Nuclear and Holtec) design and manufacture. They, like everything else, have strengths and weaknesses. Bernie’s Team is the only company in Pool to Pad Transfer that has no obligation to any of the manufacturers. We are also the only company that can bring to you the expertise of the NRC’s Mr. ISFSI (Scott Atwater) with more than sixty-two campaigns; ………….no one including the three cask vendors can do that!!!


Look for us to be in your plant soon!!!