Meanderings of a Beleagured Traveler

Bernie’s Corner


I have been visiting several new sites and thus have been on the road a lot lately. When behind the wheel traveling from Limerick to Susquehanna, and Peach Bottom it occurred to me that I should expound about “Why the name Bernies Team?”   

“Bernies Team”…..I express to everyone that the emphasis of the title is heavily on “Team” and not on Bernie!! Throughout the years, and several companies, I have always expressed that the Company needs to treat the Employee as number 1 if the Company wants to be number 1. When the idea came around not to retire but to start a new Company the first thought was I wanted a “Team” to work with because I believe a Company doesn’t exist because of…..or about one person!!!

Webster defines “Team” as….”marked by devotion to teamwork rather than individual achievement” It uses the example of ….<a team player>….!!! Every Company that has employed my services has started as a “Team” and ended up all about the owner. This Company is my Legacy!!! I decided to make what I believe to be the ultimate Company, to do that you have to have a reason other than remuneration.

My definition of “Team” is slightly different to Webster. My definition comes from the original reference to “Team” from the fourteenth century…..”Two or more draft animals harnessed to the same vehicle or implement”!!!  This, to me, means everyone pulling together and getting the job done. When I was growing up we had a “Team” of Belgian horses. Our neighbor had a combine and several tractors. We both plowed our fields and we both grew corn and other crops. The difference was that his tractor did not plow the field as good as these horses did. When you gave the order to pull the plow, these horses travelled in a straight line and their rows were true. The tractor bounced around and the plowed earth showed every bounce from the straight and narrow. The horses worked hard all day and when the day was over they received their reward of oats, clean hay and a good place to live.

We offer to our Clients, technically competent people who hit the ground running, do a good job and go back to their homes proud of the job they performed!!!

“The Few, the Proud, the “A” Team”