2013 Target Dry Cask

We at Bernie’s Team are planning one of the next steps in our pattern of consistent growth and capability upgrading.


The focus is on 2013!!!  The target is Dry Cask Storage!!!


Over the next couple months we will be looking for places to accept some of the best experienced shift supervisors and Dry Cask Storage “Team” members. We know we have the right attitude to get the job done. There has been a very slow start to the right way to perform Dry Cask Campaigns in our Industry. Hit or miss solutions cannot be the way of the future. Having the right Team” and the right attitude takes posturing. The “A Team” is being assembled. Our plan is to have three crews with excellent knowledge and the experience to perform above others. To make this happen we need the clients to assist in giving us the opportunity to bid and keep these three expert “Teams” together. We have started to add widely recognized Subject Matter Experts with:




                                                                       experience to provide select utilities with well run campaigns. We would like eventually to only be additive to those Utilities that can self perform. To others we would propose shared crews to minimize overhead costs. Lastly we will provide a “Turnkey Solution” We know we have accumulated the right people for our current and future clients because they are the -


“Best of the Best”.