Bernie’s Team Intranet

Bernie, John, Denise, Shawn and I, especially Shawn, have all had our moments of frustration with our previous e-Mail system provider, and the operator error difficulties experienced. We have invested in a SBS (small business server) and are now hosting our own e-mail server as well as other intranet capabilities that have yet to be rolled out. An eample of this would be a centralized electronic retention of documents intended or needed to be shared with others easily. We are excited to announce an agreement with the Able Group, Inc. (AGI) a local Fort Worth IT company. AGI is the host for our SBS and as such has the maintenance responsibility. AGI and Shawn Preisz have formed the Bernie’s IT Services which we will discuss in more detail at a later time.

The BT Intranet e-Mail service is available to all Bernie’s Team members with an established “user name and password”. Contact Shawn (