Zion Crystal River Kewaunee

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Ronald Reagan once said, “America is the “A Team” among nations.”


The definition of the “A Team” is:


A group having a special mission, especially in a leadership role.


Bernie’s Team is focused on the needs of its clients. Our goal is to be part of the “Solution” not identify the problem. We perform as a “Team”. It doesn’t matter if we have one person on site writing procedures or twelve performing a Dry Cask Storage Campaign. We are connected with our clients and our group of experienced top shelf consultants.

We are …………………… The “A Team”!!!

There is no company of our size with the experience level we have in management and in the field. The reason for this is the way we treat our “People”. When you become a member of our “Team” you get support from our home office immediately. Our members all get direct deposit of their very first check. When hired in the field they get a visit from a corporate officer within thirty days of employment. We travel to each and every site quarterly to bring our “Team” together for dinner, and an education of current events and safety measures. When two or more are on a site, our “Team” works together to combine knowledge for each member to succeed in finishing what we were hired to do.



This month I have been asked to search for Bernie’s Team Circa 1975 and the USS Bancroft.   For recognition of anyone in the picture, except Bernie Preisz and Richard Anderson, we will send you a Bernie’s Team  Coffee Mug.


Last month’s plant was Exelon’s Oyster Creek no winners. Come back next quarter to try a different picture.

The previous picture was of Shippingport Nuclear Station. It was correctly identified by Ted G. Alber of Newport News Shipbuilding -Energy Program and Hayes (June) Morgan, a new member of Bernie’s Team two months in a row for June. We are impartial anybody can win.

Stanley Wrona, Cleburne, Texas. Stanley your coffee cup is waiting in our office at your request. If you want to send me an address I will have it sent to you.